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Pursuit of Happiness

8 February, 2015
Pursuit of Happiness

Over the course of seventeen months, I have worked in four different companies. It is not due to the fact than I am unemployable or that I cannot perform at work but because I am in pursuit of happiness at my workplace.

I got my first job in 2013 after graduating from Uni, it was my first job offer and I could not turn it down even though it was over 200 miles away from home because it would be my big break into the industry. I knew eventually, I would want to move back closer to home and I kept that flame burning every passing month.

I got a second job offer after nine months on the job at a company that was 50 miles away from home which I happily accepted as I can finally move back home. It was even worse as I was commuting from home and driving to and fro for an average of three hours five days a week.

Six months on the second job I knew I couldn’t keep up with the commute and decided to put myself on the market for a new job. This time, I was relentless and was more specific. I wanted a job no more than 10 miles away; over 50 applications later I landed a job 5miles away. I was so happy and thought I have finally reached my destination. My new destination was not what I thought it’d be, I wasn’t welcomed, did not fit in with the team and as days went by I dreaded going to work.

Two weeks on the new job I was out on the market again, lol. At this point everyone was worried for me as I seemed to be the one with the problem and I am becoming a job whore. Future employers would not like the look of my CV as I didn’t seem capable of holding down a job. I was advised to stick to the job for a while before leaving but I wasn’t happy and I was not going to stay unhappy if I could help it.

I prayed to God and I was even more specific this time. I told God I wanted a job less than 5miles away from home, I wanted a team that I would fit in and be relevant and I wanted a happy and relaxed environment.

It took seventeen months but I am three months on my current job, which by the way is 2.8miles away from home and I am loving every moment. Are you happy where you are? If not take chance and pursue your happiness, don’t stop until you get yours. It doesn’t matter how many times you fail, keep going, keep praying and keep smiling. x

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