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1 March, 2015

There are a set of women that will forever have a place in my heart as my sisters.

They are not my biological sisters but are the sisters I acquired from high school.

We all met between ages 8 and 10 in boarding school and for most of us we were meeting each other for the first time.

We were strangers from different ethnic backgrounds, different social strata, but the bond we have is so strong and this is because it is a bond formed from innocence. At such a young age we were all we had, we shared the same struggles, the same worries and we depended on each other to get by for six years.

These are the people that knew my first love, my first heartbreak; we started experimenting on makeup together; in fact I shared a lot of firsts with them. We figured out a lot of things together. They knew me at my lowest and high points; with them I am not ashamed

Even though we have moved on to become great women and we go for years without seeing or speaking to each other, any time we meet it’s explosive its like we haven’t lost any years and almost twenty years later we still remember the very first time we met and it’s yesterday once more….

Pictures by OnyiMoss

Edited by Me

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