3 April, 2016

Kadima is the Hebrew word for “forward” which is used during times of graduation amongst the Hebrew community. It is the kind of word that a leader uses to urge on his subjects or a mother to encourage her child.

Even though one has come to the end of an era, that does not mean that it is the end of it all, we should strive to progress because in life there are stages. We crawl to walk to jump to fly; we keep progressing until there are no winds to carry on if you know what I mean.

I am at a point in my life where I have checked off a few things from my list and a few chapters of my life has been closed but new chapters are now opened and as I look forward to the future I have one word to hold on to when I’m uncertain if to make a move or not. As I share my progress to the future with you all, I hope you will be inspired to move forward no matter what.


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